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Do you want to help the environment?

Kmushicoin proposes as a main idea to help the environment in reforestation.

Kmushicoin is an open source cryptocurrency, it brings speed, efficiency and ease. It provides security and long and short term benefits in an easy way.

Kmushicoin was launched on August 24, 2019, having great acceptance in Tunja - Boyacá, the main headquarters of our facilities.

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About us?

Security in every transaction.

Our company Tierra Viva, having more than 20 years of work and research for the environment, has set out to have the best in the BlockChain area with it.


What we want?

Our currency proposes care for the environment.

Our priority is to help the environment with blockchain technology, proposing security to users, faster transactions and low energy consumption.


Technical specifications and benefits.

Help the environment and make profit with Kmushicoin.


Our network is distributed in several countries giving stability to the system.

Security in every transaction.

Our blockchain technology protects the user from theft, since it is fully decentralized, ensuring that only you have access to your money.

Minimum Commissions

Transacting on the Kmushicoin network is very easy and inexpensive. You can send money anywhere in the world with just a few simple steps.


We have two types of mining, POW and POS mining. Note: (The percentage of POS mining may decrease or increase without prior notice, at the moment there are no plans to make any changes).


Our network is totally fast and stable, since there are miners working 24 hours a day.


POS mining offers 16% per year, (giving the corresponding percentage every minute). Also the fluctuation of the price of Kmushicoin, means that we can obtain profits in the short term.